Start 5 Online Businesses with No Money – Anywhere YOU Want (PART 1)

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Start 5 Online Businesses with No Money – Anywhere YOU Want (PART 1)

Talking about what it means to be an entrepreneur and making the actual leap to the other side of the job market can be compared to a high-almost impossible jump over an abyss. At least, it seems so. But here’s a list of 5 online businesses with no money. The abyss is actually an amalgam of feelings, lack of information, lack of experience, lack of qualification.

After reading this article, you will have a revelation that involves the following:

· The abyss we talked about above becomes smaller and smaller, until, in order to cross it, you will only have to take the step; that is, to take the first step to start your own business.

· Not only will you know what kind of online business with little money, you can start, but you will also have the opportunity to join the ranks of profitable business owners.

· It’s up to you to do something about the life you are living now. It is not enough to read an article. You have to take action, that is, take a step, (at least one!), in the right direction.

What should you know about online businesses with no money & entrepreneurship?

Before I continue, I must mention that:

– You need information – don’t throw yourself into anything without doing research. Everything may sound phenomenal when it’s at the idea stage, but when we talk about implementation, the situation changes. You know that reality is always harsher than the hypothetical case – even if you think about it from all possible perspectives, everything happens in your mind.

– You know that but I think you need to hear (read) it again: all beginnings are hard. You can have a phenomenal start, and have your wings cut off by those you deal with in your field. It doesn’t matter if they are direct competitors if they are people you trust, but who don’t want you to grow or want to take advantage of your work, etc. Don’t let anything get in your way!

– The reality of the business environment is that anything good comes with many problems and responsibilities, BUT you can be sure it is worth it. Why? In addition to the extra income you will get, you will have a lot of experience that shows you what you can do, what you don’t know, what you need to learn, what your weaknesses are and you will gain a type of independence you didn’t even know exists – one that allows you to see a whole new horizon!

What online business with no money (or minimal investment) can you start today?

1. Blogger. Whether or not you have experience in the online field, having your own blog is definitely the kind of low-money business you can start today … right now! You don’t even have to pay for a professional blog – from now on we are talking about a website, creating a brand, etc. – which involves some slightly higher start-up costs.

What I recommend is to:

  • choose a field you like, no matter what it is about: cars, make-up, parenting, etc.
  • buy a specific domain (ie, the name of the website. Example: for my marketing agency’s website, I chose:
  • read a few articles, take a look at some videos that offer you practical advice and real examples of what it means to publish quality content online.

How can you make money from blogging?

There are several methods – for some, you must already have an audience, i.e. people who read your articles regularly, for others, you can build your audience through ads on social networks or through Google Ads.

Tip: don’t panic the moment you hear about online advertising! One of the most underrated advertising channels is Facebook, which allows you to promote any idea on your business page even with 5 EUR per day!

Let’s go back – a blog can help you promote everything from products to services to network marketing concepts. In time, others will contact you to provide you with lots of collaboration opportunities. Also, if you start any other business, you can promote it on the blog where you already have a lot of readers.

The outcome? Instant exposure to your target audience = instant success.

What’s even more important to remember: depending on how you promote yourself online, you can reach people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

How much do you earn from blogging?

At first, nothing. Yes, that’s the truth. You need to work to earn an income from the content you post online.

This means choosing one of the following 2 options:

Affiliate marketing. On your blog, you need to publish content that offers value to your readers. Otherwise, no one will read your articles. Don’t give the impression that you want to gain from them, because … you guessed it! No one will read your articles!

You have 2 approaches in this regard: publish articles that show the advantages of the services or products you promote and tell readers that you gain something if they buy using your link or you don’t tell them anything and just leave the link there because anyway, they would visit the respective website to find out more about the product/service.

b) Network marketing. If you are involved in an MLM business and really believe in the opportunities of that business, it is essential not to mention the brand name anywhere. Otherwise, you will be seen as another fanatic who wants to “shove another fantastic opportunity down their throats”.

Show them that you are involved in something, that you know something, that you have the financial freedom that gives you the chance to dedicate more time to your hobbies. Inevitably, someone will ask you what you do. Or, if you want to speed up the process, you can leave a small message at the end for readers who want to earn extra income.

2. Affiliate Marketing – I mention this concept separately because you don’t necessarily need a blog to start this business with little money.

What you can do is do the following: build a website that acts as a search engine. For example, you look online for clothing brands that offer a commission to those who promote their products, and then you build a website, where you post pictures and descriptions for those clothes (if you have the seller’s consent).

What exactly does your website offer?

Products or services that customers find through you, but when they want to buy them, they click on the link and are redirected to the seller’s website. So you have nothing in stock. Instead, you promote brands, visitors click on your affiliate links (if you promote products from several brands), they buy those products and you receive your commission. From here, you only have one step to go until …

3. Dropshipping – create your own website, post products with descriptions and pictures, which you do not have in stock, only here, you are looking for products that are as convenient as possible in price, create your own brand, choose suppliers who are willing to not include any marketing/branding information that would be related to their business, and you set your own prices. Your profit will be the difference between the price you ask customers to pay and the current price of the product from the supplier, delivery and other costs of maintaining the website, plus promotion.

How can you start with online businesses with no money and more specifically, with dropshipping? The most popular websites are Aliexpress & Alibaba. But, you can collaborate with any business you want, as long as you have a proper agreement in place.  

4. Business plans for those who want to run a profitable business. What you offer, in fact, is a consulting service. We all have revelations upon revelations, ideas upon ideas, but zero pull to put them into practice.

How can you find out if your idea is profitable?

What are your initial expenses? How can you get your investment back? Who is your direct competitor?

You can provide the answer to these questions in a business plan that you design, after a lot of research and based on concrete data, studies, and estimates. The role of this plan is to help an entrepreneur get their business up and running. Your client will find out exactly which market segment they will enter, what challenges await, and what strategies they can use to be successful. My recommendation is to build a presentation website, where you publish content that describes exactly the services you offer.

5. Network marketing. “Argh! MLM, and call X, talk to Y, and unlimited earnings and pyramid schemes! ” Let me tell you a little secret: all businesses are based on networking, that is, more precisely on the connections you have in certain areas. You don’t want to, but you have to get out of your comfort zone and talk to those around you.

And, if you manage to find a network marketing business that you see the potential for, why not enjoy the benefits you get by connecting with as many people as possible? The good part is that while some MLM opportunities are more advantageous than others, no matter what concept you promote, you can do it online, where you have access to millions of potential partners!

And, you don’t need a blog from the beginning, although as you start to have more and more followers, and you build your online presence, you will have to find a way to give them even more value (that is, the blog about which I was talking). For starters, you can use your personal Facebook profile, after which you can create a business page for this purpose, and the blog will be the next step.

In short, if you were waiting for a sign that it was time to do something

… ding dong – this is it!

Make a blog, make it out of passion, write with love, write with purpose, and the benefits will follow.

Take a look at affiliate marketing. You promote products that have been created, are already part of advertising campaigns, but that need even more visibility in the online environment – you are the missing piece of the puzzle!

Dropshipping – who has ever heard of the possibility of having an online store, without the products being yours? And the icing on the cake – those who create and sell them, want you to do that, to promote them, even if you don’t use their branding elements. Why does it suit them? Because their goal is to sell as many products as possible! And, you are interested in selling them. Everyone has something to gain!

Business plans and business consulting … do you need to have some studies in this field? It would be preferable, but not necessary.

In order to be successful, you need to know what you are talking about. The good part is that there are “super-duper master classes” (joke), meaning courses that can help you get a degree and basic knowledge on the business, management, and marketing aspects – that last a day, two, three, etc.

Network marketing has a slightly wrinkled reputation because those who do not understand how it works become world stress machines. And if they receive refusals, the reaction is even more aggressive. 

BUT, the reality is that network marketing businesses have huge profits. Many of those who have come a long way have succeeded because they have understood how important it is to give value to others through what you promote. Also, just because you managed to convince Aunt X or neighbor Y to get involved, that doesnțt mean youțve reached the top. For such a business to work, you have to look for the right people. Or, even better, find out how you can get them to come to you!

Stay tuned for ”5 Online Businesses to Start Today with No Money – Anywhere YOU Want (PART 2)”!

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