Financial freedom and your potential: goals, destination and a newly built path

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Financial freedom and your potential: goals, destination and a newly built path

Let’s talk about you, who you are, who you can become and how you are going to get there. You can have anything from financial freedom to a successful online business.

What does reaching your potential mean?

Some would say that for them it means to own a fortune that offers them financial freedom, while others see it as feeling accomplished from a professional point of view. It’s relative. But, what you need to keep in mind is that your vision can limit you or offer you the required motivation to reach the desired level of accomplishment on all plans – emotionally, spiritually, financially, and professionally.

Wasted potential – does this even happen?

Surely you have had moments when you felt that the world is your oyster and that success is a mere step away. Unfortunately, you either decided not to do anything about it or allowed certain obstacles to stop you from doing that first step. If you, however, tried and failed and this marked you at a profound level, which has been preventing you from trying again, you have reached this point in your life, where you feel that it’s not worth it to do anything else because years have passed by and there are many factors that don’t allow you to get out of this repetitive cycle: work, your daily routine, sleep.
Regardless of the specific moment in your life at which you are now, you can decide to do
things differently.
Your potential can be considered wasted only if you are at the end of your life and you don’t have any more time to do something about it. Otherwise, everything that you are, what you can do and your experience can be your ticket towards the best version of yourself, the one that allows you to have everything you have ever wanted.
Let’s get to work!

Give an honest answer to the following questions regarding your life & potential:

1. Are you unhappy with your life, your lifestyle, or your job?
2. Do you have any regrets regarding opportunities you might have missed?
3. Are you aware of the fact that you are responsible for your own (past, present, and future) choices?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are ready to take this one step further and find out exactly what needs to be done to lead a fulfilling life, have financial freedom, and even manage a successful business.

What can you do to benefit from financial freedom? Follow these concise steps:

1. Think about an idea for a product or service you can sell.
After all, it all begins with a concept. Regardless of what you are thinking about, the simple fact that you have broken out of your daily routine is a step forward. Most certainly, many ideas have already crossed your mind. Don’t let them be just thoughts.
2. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Write down all of your ideas.
It’s terrifying to take action. To talk about what you can do gets you in a good, almost euphoric mood. But you stop here. Why? Because you’re afraid of failure or success. Both come with obstacles, complications, and responsibilities, but also with experiences, adventures, and new friends.
3. Talk about your ideas and accept any feedback you receive, but don’t allow anything to stop you.
Constructive criticism is something; but, the negativity with which some individuals talk about anything that is new and different is something else. Don’t allow anyone to cut your wings. You are currently experiencing the best moment of your life to grow and reach your potential: right now.
4. Find out exactly who would benefit from your product or service.
When you know who your target audience is, you can set objectives and build a strategy that can help you promote your business. Yes, we are already talking about a business because, at this point, you know what you have to offer and who you can offer it to.
5. Build an action plan.
How can you get from concept to product or service that you can present to your target audience? To become successful, this strategy should be a long term one. We begin with presenting what you want to sell, on the right channel and with building a trustworthy, reliable brand that is associated with your business.
6. Be consistent.
Why? Reaching your potential is a process that takes time. It can take months or years, depending on many variables. You know what you want to achieve, you know how you can do it – all you need to do is continue putting in all of that hard work, and it will pay off. You are doing it for yourself!
7. Ask for support.
The truth is that you have certain skills, your own life perspective, and experiences that make you unique. The path you are going on is new, even if others have been through similar situations, your adventure will be different, because it is YOURS. No matter how confident you are that you can handle it all on your own, to reach the desired results, you require support. And, we are not talking about the kind that you receive from your loved ones, that believe in you. We are talking about professional assistance provided by experts that can detach themselves from the emotional, subjective aspect of turning your idea into a successful business and can help you reach your potential because this is what they do. The best part about it is that professionals know the shortcut to help you reach your goals.

What have you done today to get closer to reaching your potential?

Here’s a great place to start. Joe Dispenza has some great insight on this matter – here

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