Talking with Ana (Aniss Passion)

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Talking with Ana (Aniss Passion)


Being a special gift (from Aniss Passion), I put it behind the others. I wanted to make sure she paid special attention to it. But, the blue-eyed wonder, sits down next to the Christmas tree, smooths out her dress like an adult and puts her hand exactly on the gift in question. She looked at me with her big blue eyes, completely puzzled. “Okay, so what do I do now?” Tear it up or? ” I take the package and place it next to her. While smiling, I give her a helping hand as I open one end a little and let her do the rest. After 30 seconds, she was already enthusiastically brushing the teeth of the little felt girl.

What should you know about Aniss Passion?

The gift is a felt book with different activities, chosen based on what I thought Iris (my daughter) would like, which Ana turned from ideas into reality. The mother of a 2-year-old boy, an economist by profession and with 9 years of experience in the financial accounting department of a company that deals with the production and sale of construction materials, decided to take another path.

Today, she makes the most unique felt books that arouse the imagination of young miracles with clever hands. She is a determined woman, for whom work is nothing, apart from what it brings in return – financial freedom and a happy family.

Let’s get to the interview!

How does a WAHM (work at home mom) see entrepreneurship?

Manu: How did you decide to start this business?

Ana: When our wonderful little boy was born, he awoke in my soul everything I had most beautifully hidden! With the new status, our lives have changed, and the main priorities and concerns revolve around the family, the child being the center of the universe now …

As we prepared for kindergarden, I realized that I can not yet do this step, and then, we gave up our great plans, choosing to follow our dreams and be a happy family, to be together, without obstacles. And, while my husband is in charge of a business in the field of carp sport fishing, I make educational sensory books, with much love, and with all my heart, for the youngest and dearest children!

M: Did you ever think about giving up?

A: Yes. Because I chose to do something completely different from what I knew, the first books made me wonder if it was the right choice and I wasn’t wrong in choosing to do it. Who might like what I do and why? … would anyone buy them? But, I realized that the soul never lies to you, and if you choose to listen to it, you can’t go wrong! My husband was my strongest supporter, ally and encouraged me all the time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

M: What is the biggest challenge you face, as an entrepreneur, in your field?

A: I’m a perfectionist. I don’t like to be wrong and I don’t want to disappoint. I want every customer to be satisfied. I want to bring smiles on the faces of the little ones and their parents through my work.

M: What do you do on days when you can’t find the motivation for the work you have to do (to keep your business afloat and help it grow)?

A: I always find solutions.

M: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned since you started your own business?

A: I always knew I could do what I wanted and I fought for it, learning and paying attention to every detail. I understood how important it is to trust and evolve, all for a specific purpose – the happiness and fulfillment of being with my child and family.

Aniss Passion Marketing101 Web Design Advertising & SEO Content Support Small Businesses

M: What do you consider to be the most notable difference between being an employee or an entrepreneur?

A: There are many old proverbs and sayings from our elders, very true, one of which sounds something like this: if you do not struggle to fulfill your dream, someone else will hire you to build his own … Nowadays, freedom is very precious in every way possible!

M: How would you characterize your business – Aniss Passion, in a word (except “quality”)?

A: Only one? Happiness, passion, fulfillment … You know, my grandmother taught me to crochet, to work at the stove, to weave and much more, and everything I do awakens my warmest memories – the little country house, the fire smoldering in the stove, so wonderful … ah – I love this!

M: What would you advise an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

A: Do you want a lot of money? You are not on the right track. Happiness comes from small things. Did you make a mistake? That’s alright because you learn from mistakes! Trust yourself – you can do it too! Patience and perseverance, hard work and passion – it is not easy, but the satisfaction of every successful thing will make you want to continue; just listen to your soul!

MY CONCLUSION – Support Small Businesses

After this interview, I realized that what we do, in fact, is to document stories with and about entrepreneurs, which we collect with our souls. We also realized that dreams do not have to stay the same in order to be fulfilled. Circumstances can change and will change, because that’s how life is, and dreams become different. And you can reinvent yourself whenever needed!

Learn more About Aniss Passion – here. 

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