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I don’t know him since he was a gamer and he won competitions, but I can tell you that when I first met him (about 7 years ago), I saw him as a guy like any other, the only difference being the passion he had for the gym and healthy food.

I admit, I had a superficial perspective, from the outside, which remained so for a long time. In no case did I imagine that it would turn a lifestyle into a fully-developed business – Musclegain, with a turnover of 1.5 million euros, in just 2 years.

What should you know about

Paul made his first website on his own, from scratch, without any knowledge in the field. He simply decided to set up a website for the sale of supplements and did it in a week!

And, to top it off, he does not only manage one business but two – both successful.

Today we are talking about, an online supplement store that has the best prices on the market. Hard to believe. That’s what I said until he told me to do a Google search. And, yes, that’s right.

What impressed me was not the fact that you find good products at even better prices, but the type of service offered. If you call him, you don’t come across someone who hangs up the phone while you’re still talking. Instead, he offers you the best recommendations based on your goals, which means a level of customer service at the opposite pole compared to other online stores in any other field. 

Let’s get to the interview!

What can a 27-year-old guy teach you about entrepreneurship? More than you think!

Manu: How did you decide to start this business?

Paul: My first job was as a PC operator at an internet cafe. After that, I worked for 3 years in the hospitality field, at the reception area, where I learned how to talk to customers, what a business means – basic things, but totally in a different field than what I wanted to do. And, at one point I saw an opportunity: as I was passionate about bodybuilding and used certain products, I realized that they were all quite expensive in Romania.

I looked elsewhere, I found them cheaper and in time & I started ordering for other people in the field. I always liked to gather people around me and be the one to organize everything. If 10 wanted to order, I would place the order for everyone, so I could negotiate with the ones I was buying from. Gaming has shown me that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself, but use strategies that work for others, but that you implement with your vision.

M: Did you ever think about giving up?

P: You realize that in the beginning, when it’s hard, there are times when you want to give up. But as time goes on, you stop thinking about it. Plus, to be honest, God never left me alone. Every time I had a hard time, he showed me that he was there and that I was doing the right thing. The truth is that if you want to be successful, you have to put yourself in that position. It’s useless to wish it if you do not do what it takes to get there.

M: What is the biggest challenge you face, as an entrepreneur, in your field?

P: Customers and suppliers. But, I like challenges. I am passionate about finding solutions. Whatever problem I have, I won’t give up until I solve the problem.

M: What do you do on days when you can’t find the motivation for the work you have to do (to keep your business afloat and help it grow)?

P: For me, there is no day without motivation. I also work on Saturdays and Sundays because I have results. When you see that all the effort gets you where you want to go, and you have the desired results, you are motivated to go further, to work, to get more. Plus, a passionate entrepreneur can’t just stand by doing nothing.

M: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned since you started your own business?

P: I can’t say that I only learned one lesson, but what truly left its mark was the level of work required in the world of entrepreneurship. I realized that employers have to work much harder than the employee. If an employee has a work schedule by 4 p.m., he usually leaves when the working hours are over. The employer, if he has not finished what he had to do, must stay at the office as long as necessary to complete his tasks.

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M: What do you consider to be the most notable difference between being an employee or an entrepreneur?

P: The difference is very clear. As an entrepreneur, you can do what you want, when you want, where you want, and when you are employed, you always depend on someone, on the rules and instructions of another.

M: How would you characterize your business – Musclegain, in a word (except “quality”)?

P: Global.

M: What would you advise an entrepreneur who is just starting out?

P: Don’t give up and be passionate about what you do. I think if you don’t like what you’re selling, or you’re trying to sell something you didn’t use, it will backfire on you.

MY CONCLUSION – Support Small Businesses

After talking to Paul about how he started his own business – Muclegain, I realized that as long as you have a vision, a direction and you know what you’re fighting for, you get over any obstacle to get there. Your age, the initial capital or the fact that there are other companies on the market, for years, that sell similar products or services – don’t matter. You are the variable, the factor that can lead an idea to the point where it surpasses the major competitors in that field.

Learn more About Musclegain  – here & here. 

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